About Us

OUR COMPANY PROMISE backing our customers’ projects is the promise that Motul makes to them for more than 160 years in a way that no-one else would. turnkey solutions are good and complete, but optimised answers are better. Motul’s devotion breaks down boundaries in more than 100 countries and creates a real artistry, the artistry that only the unity of wisdom and experience can create, the artistry that never rests, the artistry that is always evolving.

Today, Motul is present in more than 80 countries and designs, elaborates and distributes lubricants with higher technical value added. It is a pioneer in many synthetic and semi-synthetic products, Motul has always favored innovation, research and development. Motorsport is the prime creative and ingenious laboratory of Motul since it first steps in motorsport disciplines in the 1950s. Consequently, Motul has been a dedicated technical partner to the finest teams in history. Motul is a leader in the motorcycle lubricants market in France. In the motorsports field, many manufacturers trust Motul for its technological developments in car/bike racing. Motul has thus developed close relationships with manufacturers such as Yamaha, Toyota, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW.

Motul oil has received appreciation around the world for its high-performance and brilliant quality. The brand has evolved over the decades to progress as one of the globally leading lubricants specializing in the formulation, production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants.

Al-Sayer is committed to providing best facilities and services meeting all requirements of our customers in Kuwait working together with Motul as our distinguished partner as a dealer in Kuwait.

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