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Tyre Size:- LI/SS: Load Index & Speed Symbol
Type :-TT : Tube Type TT: Tubeless
Side :- RPB: Rim Protector SW: White Ribbon OWL: Outlined white Letter RBL: Raised Black Letter

Popular for pick-up trucks and light vans. Features a smooth rid and good abrasion resistance. Tread pattern design exhibits balanced characteristics required for daily route work, especially for pick -up truks.

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Best selling stell - belted rib radial for light trucks. Five rib tread design promotes high steering stablity and handling.

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(GEOLANDAR A/T = G011JK) GEOLANDAR A/T is a well balanced. all round performer in even the toughest conditions. Specially developed no-compromise compound delivers proven durability both on and off road.

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