only specially trained personnel sould mount tyres. Failure to comply with these tyre demounting/mounting safety precautions can cause the bead to break and the assembly to brust with sufficient force to cause serious injury or death.

  • Always deflate tyre complete before removing lock or side rings
  • Never use rim parts of diffrent manufacturers or diffrent sizes.
  • Never monut tyres on rims which are damaged or not smooth and clean.
  • Always clean and inspect rim.Lubricate beads [ and rim flanges for tubless types], tubes and rim side of lap with an approved rubber lubricant.
  • Always be sure that rim components are properly seated before inflating.
  • Always use an extension hose with gauge and clip-on chuck.
  • Never inflate beyond 3 psi prior to placing tyre/rim assembly in cage.
  • Always use a safety cage or other restraining device when inflating the tyre to seat the beads and / or inflating the tyre to normal operating inflation pressure.
  • Never inflate beyond 40psi to seat the beads.
  • Never stand, lean or reach over the assembly during inflation.
  • After beads are fully seated, adjust to vehicle manufacturer's recomended inflation pressure.
  • Never mount radials on the same axle with bias tyre. Follow vehicle manufacturer's recomendations.
  • Tyres must be removed when remaining tread depth reaches regulated measurment in your jurisdication.