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Higher performance and comfort. Arriving near you.
Powering the all new, a tyre tested in trails around the world, is Yokohama’s wealth of advanced tyre technologies that deliver superb handling capabilities. Apart from dynamic performance, one of the key characteristics of is ‘Lifetime comfort,’ a feature designed to provide a quiet and refined driving experience that will last the life of the tyre. Even in the rain, promise the sure-footed confidence that makes a drive home with the family a time of pleasure and certainty. – offering peace of mind and pure driving enjoyment.

Full logic tread pattern. sports newly developed ‘full logic’ asymmetrical tread pattern that has been chosen because it provides leading edge handling on both wet and dry surfaces. Based on quadruple main straight grooves ( 1 ), it also just happens to be an eye-catching arrangement. Notable is the innovative tread block design that gradually reduces block rigidity from the outer to the inner zones ( 2 ), enabling the tyre to perform with outstanding distinction anywhere from slick, winding mountain roads to rain soaked motorways. – benefiting from pacesetting high performance technology.