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Passenger Car Radials
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Other Products



Compressor oils

Confrah S
Cofrabar P
Cofrima S68
Cofrima E

Synthetic oil for air compressors
Mineral lube for compressors
Mineral lube for Screw type compressors
Synthetic oil for air compressors & vacuum pumps
Synthetic lube for refrigeration compressors
Synthetic fluid for refrigerating compressor with HFC

Industrial gear/Slider oils

Mecanep GL- GLC
Cofranline Equitex
Mecanep PG
Sintogear 25
Sintogear 70
Sintogear 80

Mineral lube of industrial reducers & bearings
Lube for loaded slides & central lubrication of machine tools
Oil for hydraulic transmission and slides
Mineral lube for reducers & bearing at high speed
Mineral lube for industrial gear boxes
Mineral lube for industrial gear boxes
Mineral lube for industrial gear boxes

Cleaning agents

Cofran DGI
Confranet C plus
Cofranite Granules
DKP Super
Savon Gel

Flow & combustion improver additive for diesel & petrol engines
Degreasing fluid
Degreaser-Detergent biodegradable water soluble concentrate
Flushing concentrate for machines and hydraulic circuits
Absorbent for floors
Water-Washable degreaser
Detergent for hand cleaning

Metal Working fluids

Acticut S
Alupac 120
Chalcopac CL 35
Cofracoup EP & ERF
Trempinox LV

Synthetic fluid for straight cutting & deformation operation
Oil for drawing aluminum and its alloys
Semi Synthetic oil for copper wire drawing
Fluid for electro -erosion and straight cutting
Water soluble Synthetic cutting fluid
Washable quenching oil



Hydrofeu C46
Bainoxine S30
Cofraox DWT
Finoline Codex
Textoil 22
Tronconneuse CH

Synthetic Lubricant for hydraulic circuits
Special Pneumatic oil
Di-electric mineral oil
Fire-resistant hydraulic oil
Synthetic heat transfer oil
Waterproof fluid for protection
Super refined Vaseline oils - thick and fluid
Washable lube for textile machinery
Adhesive oil for chainsaw lubrication


Speciality Greases

Plura Grease Super
Super C
Cofragrease CAN2
Cofragrease Cep2
Cofragrease CL00
Cofragrease FLM2
Cofragrease GHT2
Cofragrease MF
Cofragrease MULTI B2
Cofrasil SM2
Sintogrease ST 2

Polymer base multipurpose grease
very high temperature anti - seize comp
High temperature molybdenum disulphide grease
Lube with bitumen for exposed gear, cables & chains
Calcium based grease for humid environment
Multipurpose high performance grease
Grease for all centralized greasing
Multipurpose molybdenum disulphide grease
Non-melt grease
White grease for delicate & small mechanisms
Multifunctional grease for automotive & industrial greasing
Grease for food industry
Grease with silicon base for high temp. & humid condition
Synthetic grease

Preventive maintenance is the best maintenance