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Short Term Rental

Rental of vehicles for a period less than a year is called as short term rental. Customer must sign a rental agreement prior to the rental of the vehicles.

For More Information Please Call 1803803 Ext 5120 , or  Email To:

YARIS 1.3 KD:8 KD:50.000 KD:145.000
COROLLA 1600CC KD:9.500 KD:60.000 KD:175.000
COROLLA 1800CC KD:10.000 KD:65.000 KD:185.000
CAMRY 4 CYL E02L KD:15.000 KD:90.000 KD:270.000
CAMRY 4 CYL E05L KD:16.000 KD:100.000 KD:300.000
PRADO 4 CYL  KD:20.000 KD:120.000 KD:360.000
PRADO 6 CYL KD:30.000 KD:180.000 KD:540.000