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Leasing (Long-Term Rental)

Leasing is the rental for a minimum period of 12 months with a commitment to the period. Rate and Terms & conditions are depending on the customer, quantity of vehicle and period of rental. We do lease vehicles from the smallest saloon cars to the Luxurious Lexus models to major foreign and local companies operating in Kuwait.

As we are part of the local agents and distributors of Toyota Motor Corporation in Kuwait, our service will be professional, economical and reliable.

Family on Wheels
This is a special tailor made rental program for the housewives in Kuwait. Considering their moderate usage of vehicles, a special rate matrix has been applied and made this program the most economical rental program in Kuwait.

Teachers Special
A special rental program for Teachers has been tailor made to suit their exact requirement of academic-year rental with complete service support and off-duty assistance. 80% of the expatriate teachers are using this facility for their conveyance in Kuwait. However, the special rental package programs tailor made for different segments of the community has been a great success and has resulted in bagging hundreds of satisfied rental customers.

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